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Universidad Interamericana de Arecibo MBA Program of Business and Administration Johnson & Johnson: Company Analysis By: Rosemarie Aviles I. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to analyze the financial performance of Johnson & Johnson. The analysis includes a brief background of the company, discussion over the economic outlook and market competition, followed by its financial performance, and article that talks about the company’s portfolio and credit ranking. Comments about the company’s future are also included along with the conclusion and references. II. BACKGROUND Johnson & Johnson Corporation was founded in 1886 by Robert Wood Johnson, an American entrepreneur and industrialist. Inspired…show more content…
and Stayfree feminine hygiene products, the Reach oral care line, Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages, Imodium A-D diarrhea treatment, Mylanta gastrointestinal product s, Pepcid AC acid controller, Tylenol, Motrin, and St. Joseph pain relievers, and Benecol and Splenda sweeteners. J&J generates about 40 percent of its revenues outside the United States, through its network of 200 operating companies in 57 countries, selling products around the world. Key Dates: 1886: Johnson brothers begin producing dressings in New Brunswick, New Jersey. 1887: Company is incorporated as Johnson & Johnson. 1893: Johnson's Baby Powder is introduced. 1921: Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages make their debut. 1924: Overseas expansion begins with the establishment of Johnson & Johnson Limited in the United Kingdom. 1932: Robert Johnson, known as 'the General,' takes over leadership as president. 1943: Johnson writes the company credo. 1944: Company goes public on the New York Stock Exchange. 1959: McNeil Laboratories, Inc. (McNeil Labs) is acquired. 1960: McNeil Labs introduces Tylenol as an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever. 1961: Janssen Pharmaceutica is acquired. 1975: Through a significant price decrease, Tylenol is transformed into a mass-marketed product. 1982: Tylenol tampering tragedy occurs. 1988: Acuvue disposable contact lenses are introduced.

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