Johnson & Johnson : Human Health And Wellbeing Essay

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Johnson & Johnson is a multinational company, which specializes in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer goods. Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Company has more than 265 operating companies conducting business around the world. The Company 's primary focus is the products related to human health and wellbeing, and its continuing effort to diversify its business as well as increase profits by constantly acquiring new companies. Johnson & Johnson is organized on the principles of decentralized management, where the executive committee of the company is the principal management group who is responsible for the domestic and international operations. The Company is organized into three business segments: Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Consumer. Out of the three, Johnson & Johnson have the highest sales within the pharmaceutical segment, which contributes over 43% of the company’s revenue and generated revenue of about $32.3 billion in 2014. As a percentage of sales, the pre-tax profits for the pharmaceuticals segment were 36.2% in 2014. This was achieved due to the strong sales of high margin products. Pharmaceutical segment has several multi-million dollar drugs covering a broad range of areas such as neuroscience cardiovascular and metabolism immunology oncology and infectious diseases as well as vaccines. Products in this segment are distributed directly to retailers, wholesalers, hospitals and health care professionals for

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