Johnson & Johnson: Public Relations Case Study

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Running head: Johnson & Johnson Case
Johnson & Johnson, Public Relations Case
Overview of the Scenario
Managers and leaders do not welcome crises because they don't realize that problems and crisis if handled with intelligence become an opportunity for the company. The purpose of writing this paper to discuss the case of "Johnson & Johnson" that became a hero in the eyes of public (Rehak, 2002) and gained their market share back with the help of their effective public relations plan. They accomplished this by making good relations with public and by proving how much they were concerned about the safety of their consumers.
In order to discuss this case, it is also important to know about McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and the producers of famous medicine "Tylenol". Tylenol was their best selling product; it was very much trusted by their consumers and they also earned huge profits from its sales in United States.
The case starts in October 1982, when seven people in Chicago died after taking Tylenol, which is a pain killer medicine produced by Johnson and Johnson's subsidiary McNeil. Three victims from these were members of one family who died one by one on the same day. The reason of their death was diagnosed as in take of the extra strength Tylenol capsules taken from the same bottle. Other three deaths were also reported in Chicago due to intake of Tylenol.
It was reported that someone added 65 milligrams of the cyanide in the Tylenol

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