Johnson & Johnson 's Code Of Ethical And Professional Standards

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A code of ethics or conduct is defined as any document that outlines the visions and values of a business and how to professionally deal with issues within that business. The Society for Human Resource Management has recently developed a SHRM Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Resource management. The SHRM Code has helped many companies by giving guidelines to any company looking to create or edit their code of ethics/conduct. Johnson & Johnson is a publicly owned and operated business with a clearly stated code of ethics/conduct that relates to some of the same ideas that are in the SHRM Code. Johnson & Johnson is a pharmaceutical company founded in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1886; some of the products this company sells are baby care products, skin care products, and healthcare products. When Johnson & Johnson’s customers buy this company’s products, they expect to be treated with respect and get their money’s worth of whatever product they may decide to purchase. Johnson & Johnson’s code of conduct makes sure that the customers have a pleasant experience when buying their products. Johnson & Johnson’s code of conduct gives the employees a guideline on how to handle situations accordingly while still keeping the customer satisfied. Johnson & Johnson’s code of conduct includes how they conduct their business, fair treatment of employees, financial integrity/protecting their assets, and conflicts of interest. First, it is very important in the business
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