Johnson King Rosa King Analysis

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The rising sun painted Rosa King’s scrapbook room a bright yellow as she searched for a picture of her daughter, Ashley. In the corner of the room sat a white bookcase with 18 scrapbooks of pictures and school work of her baby. Rosa was looking for a particular picture of Ashley, yet she became distracted by the memories displayed by the vast amount of pictures. While looking through Ashley’s school projects, homework, and papers from her elementary school years to her high school years, Rosa’s mind wandered back in time to recall the years of her child’s academic struggles and progress with reading and writing.
Although Ashley was doing simple math problems and completing short reading and writing assignments in the 2nd grade, she struggled
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Ashley showed her mom her tests that requested in-depth explanations and serious critical thinking for answers. Frustration and fear crossed Ashley’s face as she struggled with adding details to her short answers and book summaries. Rosa told her teenager, “You need to show your teacher that you fully understand what you read. It helps to pretend like your teacher has never read the story, and it is your job to give your teacher specific details to show her what the reading focused on the…show more content…
The research papers she wrote required a works cited page and citations within the paper. Plagiarism was a terrifying and intimidating subject to Ashley, and Rosa was not able to help her since she did not know remember how to cite sources in papers. “If you do not know what to do, ask your teacher for help. Your teacher is the best person to help you understand what she requires in her student’s papers,” said Rosa.
Once again, following the advice of her mother, Ashley went to her literature teacher to learn that paraphrasing was an acceptable way to not plagiarize. Details would help Ashley explain the sources in an original way. Details additionally showed her how to write papers that allowed the audience to understand and learn more about what she was trying to convey in her
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