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Johnson & Johnson Company is the world largest manufacturer of health care products. The company have developed different types of the products such as baby shampoo and sterile dressings. Johnson & Johnson have a long history about the management of its operating companies as independent businesses. The management party of the company comprehend and enhance the operating company autonomy to modify the flexibility, creativity and accountability. Johnson & Johnson Company and the Information Tehnology managers have developed a new set of information technolgy ( IT) infrastructure capabilities in the early of 1990s. The Johnson & Johnson Company make such decision is due to the pressures create by other large companies such as Walmart.…show more content…
The operational CRM for the Johnson & Johnson company functions to provide support the front office operation processes that deal directly with the customers. The transactions and interaction with the customers will be recorded in the database. The operational CRM of the Johnson & Johnson consists of three different areas. Firstly is the marketing automation. The main function of the marketing automotion is to generate sales and maximize the profits. Different information technologies such as database and campaign management is used by Johnson & Johnson.The campaign management play a role for the marketers in the Johnson & Johnson to obtain the customers information stored in the database to communicate and interact with the customers. For the Johnson & Johnson as big and international enterprise which operates all around the world, the operational CRM support the front office operation by recording all the transaction and supply the information needed when necessary. Next is the sales force automation which automates the organization sales activities, forecasting, sales administration and understand the customer preference. The technologies used by the Johnson & Johnson in this automation are contact management CRM system which record all the customer information and retain all the
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