Johnson Toy Company

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Johnson Toy Company
Efficiency and success of any organization is measured by the effect of its policies to successfully manage its operation. Lack of policies creates confusions among employees and impacts the effectiveness of the organization. As a result of its failing return policy, Johnson Toy Company is challenged with major revenue losses and is considering measures to correctly deal with the problem.
Purpose of Paper
The purpose of this paper is to propose a new policy that Johnson Toy Company can adapt to handle product returns. The paper will highlight detailed instructions for its distribution and accounting departments to handle returns. Additionally, the paper will recommend a short-term policy proposal to
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This should generate more sales, increase your profit margin and creates enough funds and make up for costs of the returns. Your customers and suppliers will appreciate your product assurance, purchase more products and continue to be loyal. This will lead to strong partnerships with your suppliers and customers alike and promote your business.
The company should insure its employees are well knowledgeable about the company’s vision to support easy and convenience returns and make the returns pleasurable experience. Additionally, employees should also be trained on how to effectively accept the returns and reduce customers’ waiting time to insure customers are not frustrated with the process. Remember, customers are already unpleasant to come back to the store to exchange or return items. They are losing money and time by driving back and force to the stores to facilitate the returns. Employees working at the return department must be motivated with a smile in their faces to keep customers happy and better deal with frustrated customers. Unmotivated employees don’t know how to create pleasant experiences for annoyed customers. Untrained employees will create a back log and make customers wait for long times and add to their frustrations. They will end up losing your valuable customers. Evanschitzky, Sharma & Catja (2012) found that employee attitudes and motivation pays a positive

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