Johnson University : A Private Higher Learning Institution Essay

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Johnson University

Johnson University is a private higher learning institution that is located near Knoxville, Tennessee. This Christian college system offers associate, baccalaureate and graduate degrees through their various campuses and online programs. Johnson University is dedicated to enrolling qualified students who are committed to harmony, wholeness and academic excellence. Johnson University students come from a rich array of age, ethnic and geographic backgrounds. Johnson University’s primary mission is to provide degree programs for students that incorporate Christian values and knowledge into the curriculum. Students are encouraged to learn how to understand and apply scriptural concepts into their everyday lives. Education courses are designed to develop communication skills, enhance appreciation of cultural contexts and provide viable vocational options.

The faculty at Johnson University supports the school’s mission through teaching excellence, advisory support, scholarly research, creative activities, church service and extracurricular activities. The faculty strives to create supportive learning environments that promote personal growth, spiritual formation, community service, academic progress and high student performance. Johnson University may be a small institution, but they maintain national and global partnerships. For example, they maintain an academic partnership with Anhui Normal University, which is located in China. Anhui Normal
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