Johnson and Johnson: A Global Approach to Healthcare

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Johnson & Johnson: A Global Approach to Health Care
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Johnson & Johnson is a world leader in health care products and services. In this paper, I thoroughly analyze the foundation of Johnson & Johnson to determine the characteristics that make the corporation successful. My paper explains the organizational structure within the company and identifies a few members on the board of directors. I will show you that a firm allegiance to the Credo throughout global operations helps foster successful corporate social responsibility. The grand strategy that Johnson & Johnson employs is concentrated growth in the health care sector.
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Weldon to Succeed, 2002). The Office of the Chairman consists of Mr. Weldon, Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Advisor Mr. Robert J. Darretta, and Vice Chairman Christine A. Poon. The Board of Directors currently hosts 13 members, of which, four are women and two are minorities. There are six distinct committees of the board consisting of (a) audit, (b) compensation and benefits, (c) finance, (d) nominating and corporate governance, (e) public policy, and (f) science and technology. The committees receive recommendations and guidance from 22 corporate officers and 19 company group chairmen. The 2005 Annual Report also details the accomplishments of the members of the Board of Directors. There is a vast wealth of experience and knowledge within the Board of Directors including:
1. Current CEOs: Michael Johns, M.D. – Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center; Charles Prince – Citigroup Inc.; Steven Reinemand – PepsiCo.
2. Former CEOs: Arnold Langbo – Kellogg Company; Leo Mullin – Delta Air Lines, Inc.
3. Former U.S. Surgeon General: David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D (Annual Report, 2005).
Organizational Structure At Johnson & Johnson, the depth and breadth of global operations demands an extensive division organizational structure. In a division organizational structure the central corporate office governs the divisions of the company, but the operating segments have
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