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Johnson & Johnson (A)
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Introduction: Johnson & Johnson (J&J) was founded 121 years ago based on the need for sterile medical supplies to treat patient’s wounds. Post-operative mortality rates were a grim 90% and after attending a seminar on “antisepsis” Robert Wood Johnson, an apothecary, saw this as an opportunity to start a much needed company. With $100,000 in capital and the help of his brothers, James and Edward, they established Johnson & Johnson. Their prospect with J&J was “to manufacture and sell medical, pharmaceutical, surgical and antiseptic specialties and analgesic goods.” Johnson & Johnson quickly became a leader in the healthcare field and by 1910 (when Robert died) the
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The second responsibility of J&J is to the employees of the company. The employees are all the men and women throughout the world that work for J&J. Each of these employees is considered as an individual and the company strives to respect their dignity and recognize their merit. Each employee is valued to the company and therefore the company strives to give all employees a sense of security in their jobs as well as providing a fair and adequate compensation. Employees of J&J can also expect to work in clean, orderly, and safe environments and be able to give suggestions and complaints to competent management who must be just and ethical. All employees are given the opportunity for development and advancement if they are so qualified. The third responsibility of J&J is to the communities where the business operates. The Credo states that the communities are not only the places where they live and work but also the world community as well. J&J attempts to be good citizens by supporting good works and charities as well as paying taxes in order to support public works, civic improvements, and better health and education. J&J also strives to maintain the “property we are privileged to use” while protecting our environment and natural resources. The final responsibility of J&J is to its stockholders. Therefore J&J must make a profit and develop new ideas through research and innovative programs all while paying for any mistakes that have
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