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Johnson & Johnson Company Nowadays most of the babies are using the products like body lotion and shampoos are from this company, Johnson & Johnson. This brand’s products are already well known since 1886. According from the research, Johnson &Johnson market in the most population country, China is sixty percent and above. The three brothers, Robert Wood Johnson l, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson have formed this company. Nowadays, this company already became a giant medical industry. This company is product many types of product such as the daily items like soaps and shampoo and so on. The pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health care products are also produce by this company. This assignment are examines an aspect of…show more content…
This team is working with the local partners. The helps that they give are delivering the censorious supplies and aid kits included medicines to the victims in those places. Johnson & Johnson had contributed product from the Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices & Diagnostics businesses. Other than that, the outgoing efforts in Haiti such as cash and product donations had made by this company. Most of the money and products donation are collect from resident of others countries. Those medical items are from Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices & Diagnostics businesses in the U.S. including the several countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. As well as the others like Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe are also representing under Johnson &Johnson company to contributed in this programme. Johnson &Johnson also try their efforts to support immediate needs to the victims in both countries, it also to assist them in the long term to recover and rebuilding their sweet home. One of the hospital in Haiti was destroyed by the earthquake and the two operating rooms were also destroyed. This will bring many problems and inconvenient to the injuries and the medical staff. At the time, hospital’s dedicated doctors, nurses and the health care staff are need to manage more than 300 injured and had to perform 25 surgeries and above each day to help the victims to survive . Because of damage from the earthquake has forced
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