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Founded in 1886 by introducing medicinal plasters and antiseptic surgical dressings, Johnson & Johnson has grown to be one of the leading health care products company in the world. In its extensive history of over 125 years Johnson & Johnson’s product mix vary from pharmaceutical, personal care products, medical devices and diagnostics with the largest being pharmaceuticals. The product I chose to research was Listerine mouthwash. Listerine was first invented as a surgical antiseptic in 1879 and later repositioned as an oral care product to dentists in 1895. Listerine was the first over the counter mouthwash sold in the United States in the year 1915. Since then the brand continued to expand its product line consisting of different…show more content…
3. Demand a) Total size of the market – Total market size in 2011 was 13.9%. b) Market Share - In 2011, Listerine was the top selling mouthwash with total sales of 46.10%. c) Characteristics of Demand According to Statista Inc. “statistic shows the results of a survey conducted from January 2012 to March 2013 among approximately 25,000 American adults about the use of mouthwash and dental rinse in their household. Approximately 37 percent of the respondents do not use mouthwash / dental rinse”. Further studies show that mouthwash in general these individuals use mouthwash more than 14 times during a 7 day period. 4. Competitive Forces The strongest competitive forces are Colgate’s Plax and Elder Healthcare’s AMPM mouthwash. 5. Technological Forces Recently, UCLA School of Dentistry has made a potential improvement in a mouthwash by developing a formula that targets Streptococcus Mutans Bacteria which is the principal cause tooth decay and cavities. The formula uses specifically Targeted Anti-Microbial Peptides Technology so it does not harm good bacteria in the mouth. This development is partnered with Colgate-Palmolive and C3-Jian Inc. which both direct competitors of Johnson & Johnson. 6. Social Forces A major technological improvement such as the aforementioned formula is very grim news for a laggard or a baby boomer that are loyal to their products than

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