Joining A Graduate Student Support Group Essay

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Furthermore, make contracts - one of the best ways to drive yourself forward is to make contracts with your advisor, other professors, or your graduate student support group. Find an accountability partner or group promise them that you will complete a given task by a certain day. Don’t expect them to give you deadlines; set them yourself. If you then fail to deliver you will be embarrassed, and there’s is nothing like potential embarrassment for concentrating your mind on your work. #SCSEadvisor2 mentor would always say, “What gets watched gets done”. It may also help to make a calendar to track your progress. #SCSEadvisor3 notes, joining a graduate student support group helped her psychologically tremendously. During different stages of your graduate career you can use the group to blow off steam, get and give psychological support, practice professional presentations, review for exams, critique research plans and manuscripts, and develop strategies for dealing with balky advisors. You can trade skills with each other, for example, public speaking, photography, writing, and research. Also, you can make contracts with the group members to fulfill goals. Here are some tips we recommend to structuring a support group your first year: don’t make it too large or too small. (a) You need enough people for good interaction, but not so many that meaningful criticisms of manuscripts and oral presentations is awkward. (b) Pick your members carefully-you may be stuck with them for a
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