Joining Band Essay

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The Best Decision I ever made: Joining Band

Five years ago, I was introduced to the subject of band by my best friend and that introduction sowed the seed to join. The next decision I faced was the important choice of an instrument, which was not very hard for me. I chose the clarinet because it was the only one that responded with a grateful sound. Without my license and parents working late at night, I had to search for a ride since I assumed my friend, who attended band on a different day, could take me. Getting up an hour earlier than most students proved to be a struggle for me, but as time went on it became less challenging. Joining band was and is more than a musical exercise for me; it equates unity with harmony, personal growth with rhythm, and benefits with melody on the larger playing field of life.

Harmony is defined as the combination of sounds to produce chords which can be compared to the coming together first of my instrument and me and the two of us with the band. My clarinet and
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Similarly, band practice allows me the freedom to follow my own inclinations just as much as I also have to follow the drum major. Reconciling the two is a matter of rhythm because rhythm sets the pace, one that you set for yourself as well as one that someone else sets for you. Participating in band requires a substantial time investment and is rather demanding. Therefore, I had to learn to be organized and to prioritize wisely to meet all the scheduling details ranging from school, homework, my job, science Olympiad, band practice, friendships, and many more. As a result of my interest and passion for this extracurricular activity, my time management skills and self-discipline have greatly improved. I am evermore in step with the demands put upon me and those of my own choosing - or so I
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