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Memorandum To: Elizabeth Windsor - Chief Executive Officer From: Martine N Michel - MIS Consultant (SMT-273754-02-08SP1) Management Information Systems) Date: February 17, 2008 Re: Analysis of Situation at London-Based Airlines CONFIDENTIAL As you are aware, there are some opportunities for improvement related to the London-Based airline. I have completed an analysis of a particular situation, based on your analysis request, and have outlined specific problems & their relevance, options to address those problems, recommendations as to which options will address the most relevant problems, and why and finally assessment criteria for success
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This would have provided the agents with information facilitating a decision to hold the plane, after its scheduled departure time, awaiting McPhersen's arrival within reason. A 15 minute late departure could address the needs of Gold Level passengers while not inconveniencing other passenger too greatly. * Integration of the airlines information systems with the business processes and customer service policies which supported its reputation for excellent service. The value that information systems can provide to an organization are often stifled when the corporate culture is not integrated with the system (Laudon & Laudon, 2006). Fear of change and resentment can cause employees to sabotage the effectiveness of the information system. By educating employees as to how IT can aid them in performing their roles and providing employees with additional autonomy to make decisions based on the information provided the airline can create empowered agents able to address the immediate needs of their customers and increase overall satisfaction with the airline. * Collect and use customer information and feedback in order to provide a better level of service. By leveraging the information that the airline already has in place for its bookings and Gold Card Members the airline can immediately begin to create policies and programs to better serve the needs of their customers and make informed decisions related to

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