Joining The Army Benefits

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This papers reviews 3 different sources of information found on the military, and more specifically the Reserves. In this paper I will reflect on these sources and explain to the member the benefits that come from joining the military Reserves. The benefits include education and also employment. While reading this paper I want the reader to see why the military is the best choice when you are stuck at a crossroad. Joining the Reserves will benefit a member in the long run, that is why everyone should serve for at least one term. I will also go over the problems that come with joining the Reserves since nothing is every 100%. Hopefully showing the positivity and the cons will help the reader to see if the Reserves can fit into their lifestyle.…show more content…
Once there they are expected to take the knowledge they learned through their years of education and go out into the real world and become something. The decision for a lot of individuals is going to college and learning a skill that will eventually get them a job in their current field of study. Others who can not afford to go to college find jobs and learn traits other wise. One other option that many do not take advantage of is joining the military. Joining the military is a great start to becoming an adult and to learn a trait they can use in the real world. There are many different branches that members can join and for different lengths of time. Instead of struggling in the real world with finding ways to pay for school or find an income members can join the United States Reserves and have help figuring out exactly what they will like to do with the rest of their…show more content…
According to Castaneda (2008) the pros include: family closeness, financial gain, patriotism, pride, civic responsibility, confidence, employment and education (p. 108). Other advantages come from being able to skills learned(Pro, 2016)One of the advantages to being a Reservist is you can stay at the same base your whole life if you would like. It helps keep families together so they are not constantly separated or moving since the base is typically near your home of record. Also the Reserves is a job which brings in money for your household for work completed especially from deployments. When members are deployed they are getting a steady bi weekly payment that they can send home to support their family. Another big part of joining the reserves is the fact that it is a job. Instead of struggling for work the military will help provide it so that you can bring a sort of income to the table. Finally the last big kicker for joining any branch in the reserves is for educational benefits. A member can receive education in the form of on the job training or through college. When joining the military you are entitled to certain benefits. The benefits for education come in the form as bills which include the Post 9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill and the Veterans Educational Assistance Program. These programs can be used by the member to jump start their education or finish a degree they already began. The
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