Joining a Discourse Community

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Life is full of different paths that each person has to take to achieve their goals. In those roads, people might find groups that share ideas, knowledge, culture, or tastes with them, called discourse communities, which can lead to live experiences that might turn unforgettable. People can join an infinite number of these groups, however in order to accomplish that they must convince its members by applying some techniques taught in this class of English 1301, for example, knowing the group’s rhetorical situation, i.e. its cultural context, motivations, the audience itself, etc. or applying the different Aristotelian appeals such as ethos (appeal to credentials and experience), pathos (appeal to emotions) or logos (appeal…show more content…
So joining a Discourse community is a major part of life, because it can help you to grow as a human being, and to learn a lot of things that can turn helpful to become successful in the future, therefore through personal experiences one can demonstrate the importance of joining these communities thus to convey young people to understand that living this experience would give them the chance to share with self-opinionated people, that while arguing with them, they can reach into conclusions that could change their way of thinking and seeing life. Consequently by presenting my personal experience, I can let people know how essential joining a discourse community can be. “Gaitas” is a musical rhythm created in Zulia, Venezuela, which is played especially in the month of December as a celebration of the Christmas holiday; it is composed by a melody of different instruments, such as cuatro, maracas, charrasca, tambora and furruco, which are traditional Caribbean instruments, but can be found in other parts of the world since they can be used in other music styles like Samba in Brazil or African dances. Its lyrics have a varied range of subjects raging from love, religion and politics, but always presented in a cheerful rhythm full of hope and hope to enhance the celebration of Christmas that is lived with great excitement and spirit of fiesta in Venezuela. It is also a tradition that at the senior year
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