Joining in Counselling

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Introduction Counselling, in the profession, refers to the creation of relationships that are helpful and positive between a counselor and a client. Counselling is intended to aid in adjustment and growth. Usually a client come to counsellors when they do not how to change so that they can lead a better and satisfying life. There are many skills and concepts that makes a great counsellor but in this essay, I will go back to the most fundamental basic skill which is "joining". As with all counselling sessions, "joining" with the client is very essential to build the rapport with our client so that we are able to work together to identify and achieve the contracted goals. Having a good rapport with client is one of the active…show more content…
Counsellor can noncoercively invite client to talk by using door opener like " You don't seem to look very happy. you seem to be burdened by something. Care to talk about it?" For clients who plunge straight to their issues, this will not be necessary. But sometimes, client might be in the midst of conversations, and might show signs that he is unsure of continuing, door opener like " I'm interested in hearing more about it." may help facilitate the conversation. Moving further on in the counselling session, the counsellor must be able to "tune in" with client. Being on the same wavelength is important aspect of "joining". By tuning in to the other individual past experiences that made them who they are today, we will be able to understand their beliefs and principle is life whoich resulted from their each unique experiences. By doing so, we will be able to respect and value our client as an individual thus building mutual respect between us and the client in the relationship. This will also refrain us from talking down to our client but instead will be able to get along well. This is what we need to acheive as counsellors. Listening is a vital component of "joining" as we will be attending to clients who expect solutions from their counsellor. The primary role of a counsellor is to deliberately and intentionally listen to our client. Before expecting solutions, they will unload what is troubling them. If the counsellor talk and input alot into

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