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Showing Your Skills A lot of people don’t realize that there are intelligent people out there waiting to be found, waiting for their time to shine. Because everyone is intellectual in their own way whether or not they attend college. You would think that with the title of a degree would come with massive amounts of knowledge in a certain subject. But in reality college isn’t always the best way to show your strengths. Some of the most intellectual people you will meet will neither be a college graduate with a fancy job and lots of money, or a person who works at the local grocery store who has the memory of your home computer someone who can remember anything you tell them. People like that are just waiting for their time to show…show more content…
Both essays are similar in many ways from how intellectual people don’t know actually how smart they are or just not getting the chance to really show how smart they are. They both talk about how intelligence is something that anyone can have from college students to working class people to someone who just loves something enough to remember a lot about it and become intellectual about the subject. Intelligence has its way of creeping up on you when you least expect it to. Some people that don’t go to college and are intelligent tend to learn in unconventional ways or are self-taught people. Like certain actors like Ben Affleck or Christina Applegate who are famous and are both high school drop outs. Or most musicians that are self-taught like Keith Moon, the drummer for the rock band The Who. Widely considered one of the greatest drummers of all time. The only training he ever received was at 16 years old when he had 3 or 4 drum lessons with Carlo Little (an early member of the Rolling Stones), who was also a self-taught drummer. Or David Bowie, singer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and painter, has never trained in any of the mentioned fields and only received a few singing lessons in the 1960s (as reported by his former manager, Ken Pitt). As a teenager he took some lessons on saxophone by

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