Joint Commission Accreditation

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The Joint Commission
Stephen Souza
Kaplan University
HA 525

Part I
The Joint Commission is an independent not for profit group that provides as the accreditation issuer within the United States. “…The Joint Commission accredits and certifies nearly 21,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States” (Commission, 2017). Its purpose is to develop performance standards for accreditation programs that hospitals and other healthcare related organizations are required to pass to receive accreditation from the Joint Commission. These specifications are affirmed upon addressing vital elements of the daily operation that involve patient care, medication safety, infection control, and patient's rights. The importance
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Those facilities that are accredited by the Joint Commission are held to these standards where the facilities that are not accredited by the Joint Commission are not. “New research published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine revealed hospitals accredited by The Joint Commission outperformed non-accredited hospitals on 16 nationally standardized quality measures” (Oh, 2001). Though it is not mandatory for a healthcare organization to be accredited, it goes without saying that having the Joint Commission accreditation reassures patients and the communities they serve that the facility they are receiving care from practices high standards of care. This essentially makes any accredited healthcare organization stand out from others that are not accredited. Accreditation improves the process of care and services provided by healthcare organizations.

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In lieu of the upcoming accreditation inspection by the Joint Commission, the department has sent a memorandum to employees informing them of the process that can be expected. In the next few paragraphs, the employees will be provided with the necessary information to be prepared on the day of the inspection and throughout the rest of the year as accreditation is an ongoing pursuit for the most competent care for patients within our organization.
Upcoming Accreditation Inspection by Joint Commission
The upcoming inspection will involve surveyors from the Commission who select patients to randomly ascertain these patients' medical records to serve as a blueprint for evaluating standards compliance within our organization. The surveyors use these medical records to trace patients' experiences within our facility as well as discussing these patients experiences with doctors, nurses, and other staff at our organization that have interacted with patients randomly selected by the Commission.
The Commission uses observations to analyze doctors, nurses, and other staff as well. Speaking to patients is another effective way to ascertain the standard of care being provided by our
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