Joint Commission Guidelines for the Management of Nightingale Community Hospital

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Executive summary The purpose of this document is to provide the management of Nightingale Community Hospital with a resource outlining the current compliance status of the organization based on the Joint Commission guidelines. Based on these guidelines, the Joint Commission will conduct an audit of Nightingale Community Hospital. These guidelines are used to assess the standards compliance in relation to the patient, residents as well as the client care. In detail, assessment and care for patients include execution of a series of processes such as planning care, treatment, provision of care, reassessment of care and discharge planning. Assessment of care is primarily the accommodation of a patient needs while in a care setting. Nightingale Community Hospital is not exempt from inappropriate variations and the current compliance status is wanting. Variations arise from many co related factors, some beyond the control of the hospitals care system. To restore the compliance of the hospital's care system, it is important to review the last survey highlighting the key areas that need restructuring. Nightingale Community Hospital's care and treatment are planned to ensure that they are appropriate to the patient's needs and severity of disease, condition, impairment, or disability. Furthermore, care is supposed to be planned and provided in an interdisciplinary collaborative manner by professionals. The hospital assesses pain in every patient in addition to planning operative

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