Joint Tactical Radio Systems

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Tactical Radio Systems: The Joint Tactical Radio Systems can be described as inexpensive radio systems that are software programmable and offer reliable, secure, data, multi-channel voice, and video communications for mobile users in the military. The tactical radio systems provide an all-inclusive, safe, and multi-channel mobile communications network ability for ground vehicles. The deliver communications networking capabilities that enable the transfer of several megabits of data per second on moving ground vehicles at the tactical edge. Consequently, the systems places total power and control of the Global Information Grid into the warfighters and take the situational awareness of network beyond the center for tactical operations (Simonsen, 2011). Due to its huge impact, the tactical radio systems have been touted as the next generation radio for voice and data services that will be used by the United States military in their field operations after 2010. The reason for this consideration is the fact that the systems will work with most of the current military and civilian radios because they incorporate integrated encryption and networking software that facilitate the development of mobile ad hoc networks. These systems have been developed on the software communications architecture, which is a framework that provides information to designers on how software and hardware can function in harmony. One of the main advantages of this framework is that it manages the
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