Joint Task Force (CJTF-OIR)

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The United States, with its coalition partners, has committed to degrade and destroy the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). This group poses a threat to the people of the Middle East, as well as to the United States, our allies, and interests in the region. If this terrorist organization is left uninterrupted, ISIL will grow, threatening the surrounding areas of the Middle East, our allies abroad, and the United States.
The commitment to destroy this terrorist group is known as Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), the operation is comprised of U.S. military and coalition forces comprised of more than 60 members creating a Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF-OIR), led by Lt. Gen. James L. Terry. The CJTF-OIR
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Despite efforts made by the U.S. in developing the Military Information Support Operations (MISO) which is dedicated to mitigate propaganda; ISIL continues to flood the internet and social media with adversary propaganda. The U.S. is unable to police the internet; MISO spends time searching the internet and initiating counterpropaganda operations. These operations help identify adversary propaganda and expose adversary attempts to influence others, they involve efforts to negate, neutralize, diminish the effects of, or gain an advantage from foreign psychological operations or propaganda efforts. They use ISR activities, public affairs, or other military units to identify adversarial propaganda operations that are attempting to influence friendly populations. Commanders at all levels should integrate activities designed to disseminate truthful information; mitigate adversary messages; and disrupt, degrade, and disable adversary psychological…show more content…
They have mastered the art of videography and become very tech savvy on the internet and through social media. Their recruitment videos can be very subtle; many internet sites don’t realize they are promoting ISIL at first sight. The video’s that promote ISIL brutality are removed from numerous websites but manage to find their ways onto other sites. MISO has reached out through social media to encourage society not to watch ISIL videos or ads. "Every time a still or clip from an ISIS video is shown, the group gets what it wants: the oxygen of publicity," "Of course, it is necessary that people the world over are aware of the atrocities occurring at the hands of ISIS, but journalists must be careful not to do the jihadists' job for them."
To better contend in the war on propaganda the U.S. has created the “Think Again, Turn Away” campaign. Dozens of American made videos have been released on the internet in an effort to fight adversary propaganda with propaganda. These videos share similar images and messages as the ISIL videos calling ISIL out as liars and murders. If society watches the videos posted by ISIL the U.S. video is available to dispute the claim made by
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