Joker Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Through these symptoms described, the Joker appears to have an Antisocial Personality Disorder along with schizophrenia. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual states that the criteria for APD are exhibiting at least 3 of the following traits: an inability to follow the social normality’s, when it comes to the law especially if said acts lean toward reasons for arrest. When being deceitful i.e.; lying, conning others, using a name rather than your own. Another trait is to be impulsive (Tang, Jiang, Liao, Wang, & Luo, 2013). The Joker tends to be impulsive when he does large scale jobs. For example, in The Dark Knight he blew up the hospital without any sort of real escape plan, he knew he’d escape but he didn’t have any sort of real plan. Aggressiveness …show more content…

The Joker has no care whether or not he committed a crime, in fact that’s his literal motif. He only cares about what he does, not who or what it affects. APD is diagnosed to those who contravene the rights of others without feeling bad or guilty. (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Those with Antisocial Personality Disorder are likely to be persistent criminals and take part in actions which would be grounds for criminal arrest and hurt others in ways that are often considered unethical as well as in violation of societies’ normalcy’s. Those with APD are often considered to be antisocial. The term antisocial is often confused to mean not with society as dictated by slang. Most of the public confuses the term antisocial by pairing it with the meaning to be alone with one’s self and away from others. The actual, correct usage of the word antisocial is to be literally against society; against the everyday rules that most people follow in order to be part of a society. While the intelligence of antisocial people is obviously well appropriated, they tend to have the ability to quickly analyze others and in doing so can realize what they desire and use that knowledge to manipulate said person.

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