Jolivette And Short Analysis

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“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning,” said CNN in a recent sports column. There are several different styles of coaching: command, submissive, cooperative, motivational, etc. I have had several different coaches in my high school career. (BE 7) Therefore, some of them were terrible at coaching while others excelled at it. Out of all of the coaches I have had there are two coaches who stick out in my mind as the best. (BE 11) Because of their motivational coaching styles, Erik Jolivette and Jeff Short are the best coaches I have ever had. Exercise is one of my passions! I live a healthier lifestyle because of exercise. (4) I enjoy running, biking, walking. I am always very excited to get to the gym after school. With that being said, I ran cross-country all four years of my high…show more content…
For both of them being small people (both are about five foot nine inches and one hundred and fifty pounds), they both know how to command a crowd. They both have great morals. Both of them are Christians and share the common goal of helping others. Jolivette and Short constantly promote having a positive attitude. They both have a very positive aura about themselves. Neither Jolivette nor Short tolerates people with a negative attitude. (8) According to Short and Jolivette carrying a negative attitude can lead to one thing – a bad life. Both of them once told me, “Attitude is everything. When you get out of bed in the morning you decided if it’s going to be a good day or a bad day. Make sure you pick the positive attitude everyday and you will go far.” I truly believe that quote and will always cherish the moments I shared with Erik Jolivette and Jeff Short. They influenced me in ways that nobody else could. I believe that everyone who has had either of these men as coaches has been truly blessed. They both hold a special place in my
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