Jollibee Case Study Transnational Management Individual Assignment

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First started as an ice cream parlor in 1975, today Jollibee has become the number one fast food chain that serves burgers, sandwiches and rice meals in its originating country, Philippines (Beamish and Bartlett, 2014). It first started its foreign expansion to Singapore, and today it has expanded to 9 countries including United States. There are countless countries withholding potential for Jollibee’s expansion, and several of them will be discussed in the following discourse. INDONESIA One of the countries in which Jollibee should be expanding to is Indonesia. One of the main reasons Jollibee should expand to Indonesia is due to their strong growth of middle class. According to Kerschener and Huq (2011), middle class consumers are…show more content…
CANADA Canada is a multi-cultural country as it is home to many races and ethnicities. As of 2011, the ethnicity with the largest number of population is none other than Filipinos. According to (2012) Filipinos are in the first place as having the largest population of immigrants who are permanently residing in Canada. The growth of Filipinos living in Canada has been showing a positive trend, as there are only 11,011Filipinos in 2002 as compared to the 34,991 permanent Filipino residents in 2011. This would also come as a positive prospect for Jollibee to expand to Canada. Having potential customers who probably have the same customer base with customers in Philippines would benefit Jollibee because it might reflect the success Jollibee has in the Philippines. The number of Filipinos in Canada is another opportunity for Jollibee to deliver a taste of home to Canadian Filipino residents. In accordance with euromonitor’s (2014) research, Canadians have been constantly on the lookout for new items on fast food restaurants. Apparently, this has contributed to the fast food industry’s improving performance. For instance, Canadian Business stated that there has been interest on new restaurants that offers new concepts (Borzykowski, 2015). A Mediterranean concept restaurant called Zoe’s kitchen went public in 2014 and has then increased 64% in stock. The newfound taste of the Canadian

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