Jollibee Foods Corporation Faces Dilemma

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In a fast paced world dominated by convenience, the market for hamburgers, fried chicken and pizza has had constant and accelerated growth all over the world. Jollibee Foods Corporation faces dilemma: how to develop a global growth strategy to accomplish their long term goals. After the failed strategy of “targeting expats” and “planting the flag” , the new international management understands the importance of flexibility when penetrating international markets as a means of remedying the conflicts with franchisees/joint venture and conflicts between divisions. JFC is fast food leader in the Philippines because of it’s the structured organization that is able to support all its operations. It has numerous cost advantages due efficient manufacturing and logistics, along with various business contacts from the Tan Family. It has a superior menu in terms of unique products and taste that give it a competitive advantage over other franchises. JFC values their customer’s loyalty and is family friendly oriented always. They have very creative marketing programs that have made them different in their area. It has had very significant financial growth over the past years, increasing their ability to buy other fast food business expanding their market share. Their employees are under very loyal and receive extensive training so that they too are aware of the 5 F’s and their corporate values. The fast food industry is highly competitive and price wars and marketing innovations
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