Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air : The Power Of Nature

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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” (Albert Einstein Quotes). The diversity of life on this earth influences us in profound ways. The power of nature is really strong. It changes, infusing all of our senses and becomes obvious through these rich and enduring connections. Nature has many roles that it plays in our lives. It influences and inspires us to accomplish, and explore the world, create beautiful artwork, movies, natural medicine, and it impacts our wellbeing. Nature inspires us to accomplish big things, challenge ourselves and enlightens the desire to adventure. “Into Thin Air”, a short story by Jon Krakauer is about the expedition of climbing Mt. Everest. In the story Krakauer wrote…show more content…
Art has the ability to interact with and educate viewers about these issues. It spreads awareness about such important topics. In addition to art, we create movies that also captures the exquisiteness of the environment and nature that also addresses important environmental issues. The 11th Hour is a documentary film, made and depicted by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is about the number one environmental issue facing all of humanity which is global warming. The film shows how we’ve arrived at this moment; how we live, how we are impacting the earth’s ecosystems, and what we can do to change our course. Besides art and movies, nature also heals, restores and soothes us.
No matter how amazing and advanced our technology is, we still can’t do some of the basic things that nature can for us. Research reveals that being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces stress, fear, anger and increases pleasant feelings (Turning to Nature for Inspiration). We are genetically programmed to find trees, plants, water, and other nature elements enthralling. We absorb the nature scenes and get distracted from our pain and discomfort (Turning to Nature for Inspiration). In the field of medicine, many of the lifesaving drugs have been made from plants. The rosy periwinkle is a five- petaled flower native to Madagascar and is a herbal medicine (Rosy periwinkle: A life saving plant). It is used in the treatment of the neck, head, and liver and has been
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