Jon Smith Research Paper

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Ready for some more "Never Say Never"? This is the latest fashion trend that we're going to witness with Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith. Jaden was known for his role in the reboot of Karate Kid with Jacky Chan. He shows promise that he could make a difference in his music, movie and fashion career. In this week's fashion news, Jaden shows off his six pack abs while taking a shirtless selfie. Jaden wants to get fit and having a good body shape on his own, just like his father. Speaking of Will Smith, he's one of the iconic and legendary actors that we've ever seen. He was known for a lot of movies like the Wild Wild West, Men In Black, The Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth (with Jaden), and the recent Suicide Squad. Jaden is following the…show more content…
He'll do everything to stand up and make a difference to everyone. One of the amazing headlines that Jaden Smith had in his fashion career is by wearing women's clothes. Last June, he was spotted wearing girl's clothes with three other ladies in a fashion week event. The reason that he's wearing women's clothes is to let them aware that he's against bullying. As a result, he's wearing women's clothing without hesitation, and ignores whatever they're thinking of him. His father, Will Smith, was also interviewed regarding his son wearing women's clothes. Will Smith doesn't criticize his son, and he's supporting him all the way. He knows on what his son is standing up for, and that is against bullying. Not only that he's standing up against bullying, but the environment as well. He sees too much of the ocean pollution, and he's just sick and tired of seeing it and doing nothing at all. He's in a relationship now with his beautiful girlfriend, Sarah Snyder. Both of them were also seen in matching outfits as well. Their shirts are having the same design, but Jaden is wearing a black shirt and Sarah is wearing a sweater. It was all black for both of
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