Jon Stewart Discussion On The Ferguson, Missouri Coverage

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Introduction The satire option that I chose for the purpose of this assignment is the Jon Stewart discussion on the Ferguson, Missouri coverage. Here, Jon, the satirist is an arbiter of American political media, and as a media critic, he is also the former television host of The Daily Show which is a satirical news program that airs on Comedy Central. In the video, Jon Stewart critiqued topics revolving around the shooting of teenager Michael Brown by the police. The topics ranged from police brutality, black lives matter, negative stereotypes, double standards, white privileged and an unacceptable mentality of sheer ignorance of some Americans towards people of color, in other words, African American in a comedic but very real sense.…show more content…
Hence, the claims are believable as the show relies heavily on the use of various news footages, often in a documentary way that employs archival video to show contrast and contradiction, even if the purpose is satirical rather than reportorial. The content on the show is unburdened by objectivity, journalistic integrity or even accuracy, nevertheless, it speaks volumes with Jon Stewart’s big unauthoritative persona as he attempts to breakdown on selective representation. Content Reliability The reliability of the content presented in The Daily show with regards to the Ferguson, Missouri coverage by Jon Stewart is reliable enough or fairly reliable. I say that because as much as it is credible, it does have a real yet comedic satire spin to it. As mentioned earlier, The Daily Show relies on various news footages and instead of solely relying on these bias sources, Jon Snow puts his own critical spit to it. He raises controversial issues that mainstream media coincidently neglects. With regards to the Ferguson, Missouri controversy, he filled in the blanks and dared to say the unsaid and emphasised the existence of white supremacist and white privilege and compare and contrasted white and black people experience and interaction with the law enforcements agents. Language Used Jon Stewart, when presenting the Ferguson case, like all his other shows, he uses
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