Jon Stewart and News Distortion

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Network News stations like Fox and MSNBC have distorted news information so much so that viewers now turn to comedy central to keep current with the news. Turning to comedians for news is not a horrible idea as long as viewers understand that comedians must also distort news in order to entertain. Now that is not to say that comedians give out fake news; a comedian must first understand the whole of the topic before running it through a comedic process, in which they then begin distorting the information to attain laughter. Jon Stewart has an enormous impact in the media. Many young viewers turn to Stewart for his take on the news. According to Cox of in an article by Kurtz Howard, The Campaign of a Comedian; Jon Stewart’s Fake Journalism Enjoys Real Political Impact, says “It’s not that young people don’t like politics. The way politics is talked about in the media is alienating. They’re seeing Jon Stewart as a kind of hero who will lead us out of the darkness.” Stewart allows his viewers to keep current with the news by giving sound bites, which they then could verify or explore. While many news reporters believe Stewart to be highly controversial, the majority of young adults will watch Jon Stewart’s comedic take on the news because it is unbiased and attempts to only entertain. In an article by Rachel Smolkin, What the Mainstream Can Learn from Jon Stewart, Venise Wagner an associate chair of the Journalism department at SFSU says “the Daily Show [Jon
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