Jon 's Parents Feared Of Having A Child With Mental Retardation Essay

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Jon Owens was born on March 1, 1960. Jon’s parents feared of having a child with mental retardation. Jon family members are mom is a psychotherapist and dad is a psychiatrist. Jon had two sisters Jennifer and Jennice and a brother Charlton. Jennifer is a filmmaker. Jennifer says Jon is a spiritual teacher. Jennice is a keynote speaker. Charlton is a lawyer and doctor. When Jon was born, a pedestrian told his parents he would never reach age 5. Jon’s parents spoke with a fellow friend and doctor who had brother with Downs’s syndrome. The family friend expressed the grief of putting brother in an institution and how it ruined his family lives. Jon’s parents thought it would best to put him in nursing home. Jon was in a crib all his life. Jon lived in a nursing home for 6 ½ years until his caregiver died. Jon’s parents had received a call to make decisions on Jon’s care. Jon was diagnosed with having Down’s syndrome. Jon was more than a little slow, but mentally retarded. Jon had limited intellectual and physical abilities.
Jon’s was mad his first impression seeing his parents. Jon was in his crib and nonverbal. Jon’s mom was terrified and sister thought he was ugly and still in diapers at age 7. Jon had an IQ of 20-40. Jon did not know how to feed himself or self-care skills.
Jon’s parents felt grief and depression, lost, and responsible. He needed a full time care. The family had to learn how to teach Jon to eat, bath, and dress. Jon’s parents wanted him to experience

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