JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case Essay

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     After looking over all of the evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case it is clear to me that the Ramsey family murdered JonBenet. I think that Burke, her older brother, did the actually killing, but his mother in father aided in the coverup of the crime. This was the only theory that could make sense to me when considering all the suspects, especially John and Patsy Ramsey. It was obvious to me that they were involved but the only way that things truly added up were if Burke did the actual killing.      First of all, it is easy to see a motive with Burke. At the time of his sister’s death he was a couple of weeks away from his birthday. Burke was quiet and his sister JonBenet…show more content…
     The reason why I think all of this is because there is no real signs of an intruder. There is a scuff mark by the basement window but it would be very hard for anyone to get through that window. Then there was the ransom note. If someone was to leave a ransom note then they would normally take the person they were holding ransom with them. It didn’t make sense that there was a ransom note and then the dead body in the house. Also, another strange thing about that note was that it said that JonBenet would be “beheaded” if they told the police about the ransom or anyone else and that they were watching. Patsy immediately called the police and friends after reading the note, completely ignoring the warning. She obviously wasn’t worried about this threat at all and the reason why is because she knew there wasn’t one since she wrote the note. Also, handwriting analysts say the note easily could have been written by Patsy. Not to mention that the paper and pen and a rough draft of the note were found in their home. If someone was in a rush when kidnapping a child they would have a pre-written note and definitly would not take the time to write more than one draft of a note. Another point to be made is that the amount asked for was the exact amount of John Ramsey’s bonus that only his family and people from his company would know about. So either they were

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