Jonathan Kozol: What Makes A Good Writer

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What makes a person a good reader? What makes a person a good writer? To answer these questions, we must first realize the definitions of both terms: a reader is one who reads or enjoys reading texts and a writer is one who creates compositions using words. In order to read and write, you must have a broad knowledge of the language that you intend to deal with. Each of these roles has traits that are especially unique to it. Good readers must be able to understand: not just the meanings of the words, but also whatever the author of the text is trying to show them. Good writers, on the other hand, must be eloquent. That is to say, they are able to turn their inspirations and ideas into stories that convey their thoughts and ideas to their…show more content…
In fact, they would not be able to read or write at all. For example, in Jonathan Kozol’s The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society, he describes a recurring dream that he had often had. He was in an unknown place within the Soviet Union and he could not understand the letters and words around him, he realizes that he has no way of cognizing the language around him and lacks the confidence to ask for help. This dream of his helps to reveal how ignorance and illiteracy can make you feel lost, intimidated, and even scared of the world around you. The same goes for readers, who often experience these feelings when they attempt to read a text that they might not understand such as one of Shakespeare’s plays or The Great Gatsby. Likewise, writers experience these feelings when they try to create their stories with unfamiliar devices like antistrophes and zeugmas or in a way that they might not understand such as a first novel or exemplification essay. Understanding the language as well as its devices and formats help to give readers and writers the guidance, skills, and confidence to conquer their respective
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