Jonathan Rauch : ' For Better Or Worse?

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Cheyenne Elizondo PHIL 323 Term Paper 04 NOV 2014 Jonathan Rauch: “For Better or Worse?” Jonathan Rauch’s article titled “For Better or Worse?” discusses the main purpose of marriage and how marriage has changed over time . Jonathan says marriage nowadays is between two individuals and how that couple interprets it. Throughout his article, Rauch debates on the negative views of gay marriage. He states his contempt for these views and states a detailed reason why gay marriage makes sense. He makes it known that he feels that gay marriage should be viewed as normal and gay marriage should be held to a similar standard. He feels that this union would help in domesticating men and make them reliable caregivers. In his article, he concludes by articulating that he is gay and would be ashamed if other homosexual individuals would not push for their right to marry (Rauch, p. 23). From Rauch’s article, the rise in backing up for same-sex marriage over the last decade is among the biggest change in opinion on any policies over this period. Recent national survey reveals that much of the change is attributable to the influx of a large cohort of young adults who are far more free to gay rights than the previous generations (Rauch, p. 18). Equally significant is that a significant number of Americans and gay marriage supporters claim they have changed their thoughts on this issue in approval of gay marriage. According to Rauch, marriage has never been an immobile, monolithic

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