Jonathan Swift Satire On Human Nature

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Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift is a prose satire on human nature. Many people believe that this piece of writing has a underlying lesson of man's true nature. It has been theorized that this work is really about whether or not man is born corrupt or becomes corrupt due to his place in society and the people around him. Gulliver meets the Lilliputians on their island after he is shipwrecked. As the one gets deeper into the book, the impression that the reader has changes. In the beginning the Lilliputians do not seem too important but that changes as the book progresses.

In the beginning of the story, the people of Lilliput seem to be very untrusting of Gulliver. When his ship is wrecked on their island, they tied him up and held
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He is visited by the Emperor and they begin to form a relationship. Gulliver takes in an interest in the language of the people and their customs. He gains their trust and they set him free. He is then begins to help the people solve some of the problems they are encountering. For instance, he lends a hand to help with the problems with the problems occurring on the island of Blefuscu.

As the book continues, Gulliver begins to fall from favor and the reader's impression of the Lilliputians begin to change. They begin to view Gulliver in a negative way when he refuses to help them enslave the Blefuscudians. Also, when Gulliver puts out the palace fire, the people are not happy with him although he is only trying to help. The reader then sees how Gulliver is being treated. He went from being feared to being liked and then back to being the enemy.

Finally, Gulliver's travels is sometimes thought of a children's book but there is so much underlying meaning. Gulliver can be thought of as a gullible man. The Lilliputians can be seen as corrupt government. When taken on face value this story is one to sit back and enjoy but as you look for the deeper meanings, it then becomes one that teaches lessons to all that read
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