Jonathan Swift 's A Modest Proposal

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Harsh But Solutions Decisions In Ireland According to Sparknotes, In the 1700’s, Ireland went through an economic depression as well as other problems in the country such as starvation, overpopulation and intolerable taxation by England. The families in Ireland could not afford to maintain their children therefore the children became a burden. Politicians did nothing to improve Ireland’s situation. These ongoing Problems in Ireland led Jonathan Swift to write,” A Modest Proposal.” In his essay, Swift uses satire to give rational but extreme solutions to Ireland’s issues. Swift institutes the practice of cannibalism of children in his essay to address the issue of starvation, economic depression and overpopulation. In “A Modest Proposal,” Swift says,”... The remaining hundred thousand may, at a year old, be offered in sale to the persons of quality and fortune, through the kingdom, always advising the mother to let them suck plentifully in the last month, so as to render them plump, and fat for a good table.” In this quote, Swift solves three of Ireland 's problems by his proposed plan of cannibalism. Mothers would raise their children to a year old at little to no cost, then the child would be sold to a wealthier family for consumption. This idea gives the family income from selling their child, it gives the buyer a food supply, and it lessens the population of children begging on the streets. Swift’s satirical solutions are far too extreme in the sacrifice needed and in the
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