Jonbenet Ramsey Murder

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Computed over a seventy-five-year life span, this equates to a one in two-hundred chance of being murdered at some point in an Americans life span (Ghiglieri, 1999). Boulder, Colorado is more dangerous murders than the six cities around it (city, 2017) When considering the motives, the lack of presence, and crime scene it is clear Burke Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey, and John Ramsey committed and covered up the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Burke had plenty of motives that led to killing his sister JonBenet Ramsey. In fact, Burke made it clear that he was jealous of his sister getting all the attention from their parents. Their dad was always busy with work and their mom was always busy with JonBenet’s career (The Forensic outreach,…show more content…
In the light of, there was no sign of a forced entry. There were a few feet of snow the day of the murder and there were not any foot prints found in the snow that day outside of the house (Dr. Jantz, 2016). Somewhere outside of the house footprints would and should have been found if there was an intruder. In time, if it was a break in there would have been something found around the house to show that there was an intruder. In the many times the house had been inspected there were no signs of a forced entry anywhere to be found around the house (Dr. Jantz, 2016). It could not have been someone trying to break in but, someone that was let in the house or already inside. Not to mention, an intruder kidnapping or murdering a child would not stay in the house longer than needed. A “ransom note” was found by “Patsy Ramsey on the same day of the murder” the note was “two and a half pages long” (Dr. Jantz, 2016). To write a two-and-a-half-page paper demanding ransom would have at least taken forty-five minutes to a couple of hours. In addition, a fracture in JonBenet’s skull was found during her autopsy. The “fracture” was said to be caused by a “hit” over the “head” by possibly a “bat” or “flashlight” (Dr. Jantz, 2016). A nine-year-old is old enough and powerful enough to swing a bat or flashlight fracturing someone’s skull. Equally important, how JonBenet was found and what caused the death is…show more content…
In addition, Patsy and John would do anything for their son even if he committed a crime they would still help him get away with it. While testing samples of the Ramsey’s handwriting John and Burke were ruled out for writing the ransom note but, Patsy was never ruled out, professionals found about two-hundred similarities between the note and her handwriting, she also changed her handwriting several times (A&E television networks, 2016). Someone would not need to change their handwriting so many times unless they had something to hide. However, maybe the reason the crime was never solved was because Patsy had more information. Patsy died of ovarian cancer on June twenty-forth, two-thousand-six”; in the middle of the investigation (A&E television network, 2016). They did not question her enough before she died maybe she had the answers or more information. To add, Patsy knew there was more information needed to be gathered in the house. Patsy agreed to not let investigators proceed to gather DNA and information in the house after a few days of investigating (Ryan Gajauski, 2016). Would she not want all the information needed to find out who killed her daughter? For example, if someone just found out their child died they would not know where the child’s body was right away. John Ramsey suspiciously knew exactly where JonBenet’s body was when searching for here (CNN
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