Jones Blair Case

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Re: Jones-Blair Company New Marketing Efforts Executive Summary Mr. Barrett faces different propositions of where and how to organize corporate marketing efforts in the architectural paint coatings market under Jones-Blair Company. Each executive has a different proposal such as: increasing brand advertising, lowering paint prices, hiring new representative or keeping status quo. This executive community still has not decided on which proposition to choose. I recommend hiring a new representative in non-DFW areas. Analysis Jones-Blair Company, regional paint manufacturer, has successfully competed against paint manufactures despite trends of mergers and purchases of smaller companies by major producers. Architectural paint coatings…show more content…
The last option to maintain current approach is safe and conservative. However, competition increases every year and JBC must ensure that they will not be overshadowed by national companies. Remaining in status quo only grows financially but not in volumes. Appendix Estimated dollar volume = $80 Million DFW: 60% x 80 million = $48 Million Do it yourself: 70% 48 million = $33.6 Million 42% Professionals: 30% 48 million = $14.4 Million 18% Other Areas: 40% 80 million = $32 Million Do It yourself: 90% 32 million = $28.8 Million 36% Professionals: 10% 32 million = $3.2 Million Do-it-Yourselfers: 42% + 36% = 78% Professionals: 18% + 4% = 22% JBC Total Sales = $12 Million DFW = $6 Million (50% of sales are in DFW area) Non-DFW = $6 Million (50% of sales are in non-DFW area) DFW Professionals (70% goes to DFW Professionals) DFW Do-it-Yourself Non-DFW Professionals Non-DFW Do-It-Yourself (70% goes to Non-DFW Do-It-Yourself) Jones-Blair Company Shares: Total Share: X 100= 15% DFW Professionals Share: = 29.2% DFW Do-It-Yourself Share: X 100 = 12.5% Non-DFW Professionals Share: Non-DFW Do-It-Yourself Share: Strategies- Proposition 1: Additional 350,000 to advertising Increase in current sales Current Advertising

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