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Canton, Georgia was the city where I was raised from the time I was seven years old. The quiet neighborhood was where most of my friendships were developed. The majority of my friends rarely left Canton. We attended the same elementary, middle and high schools and played on the same sports teams. My upbringing is what most would consider a normal, American childhood. During the summer before my sophomore year in high school, we were given the opportunity to move to the city of Chicago for one year due to my father’s job which required relocation. That August we moved to Lincoln Park, a neighborhood in the city. Moving to Chicago was a new opportunity to live in a metropolitan city. Since I never lived outside of the suburbs, I was not sure what to expect. Jones College Prep, a highly…show more content…
• No one culture, or upbringing owns the market on happiness. The students at Jones College Prep have been raised in a variety of environments, but share many of the same qualities. This has taught me to not have a bias to believe that one culture or upbringing is better than another when it comes to deciding happiness.
• There is more than one path to achieve a goal. The majority of the classes at Jones require team problem-solving experiences. The evaluation was more heavily weighted on the collective approach to solving the problem. When teams presented their approach and answers, most teams prioritized and solved the problems differently, yet came to the same, correct answer. This has taught me that diverse thinking enables a greater contribution of ideas.
While I went to Chicago to experience a fast-paced, metropolitan city with a greater variety of things to see and do, I left Chicago with much more. My acceptance and understanding of people who are different than I am have been an added
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