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4a. I found that the most interesting topic on the Jones Lang LaSalle website to be their case studies on sustainability. The reason behind my interest is that sustainability is finally becoming important to our society and it is nice to see companies, such as JLL, to make efforts towards sustainability, especially in an international way. 4b. I would recommend hiring an Asset Manager company to oversee the company owned lodging facilities in Mendoza because of Argentina’s poor economy. An Asset Manager would ensure that lodging facilities are at operating at optimum performance. 5a. From my search of the Papa Johns’ franchise via the International Franchise Association website, I learned that they have franchised restaurants in every continent, except for Antarctica.…show more content…
If a company where to expand its franchise network internationally, one consideration they must research would be culture. The importance of critically thinking about culture while expanding into another country is that every country has different values and traditions. For example, in Argentina, vegetarianism is not at all common; therefore vegetarian restaurants would not be a good fit for that country. 6a. After exploring the Destination Hotels and Resorts website I discovered that the most interesting topic on their site is being able to “explore a destination” by choosing your preferred state and viewing the hotels that they have in that

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