Joneses Movie

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Bonus Assignment Joneses (2009) Movie 1. Summarize the movie – what is it about, what does it tell us about the marketing community that we live and work in, is what they did ethical or not? This movie starts with the idea that a family comprising of parents along with their two children shifting to a new town. This family belonged to a high SEC and settled in a town where mostly people belonging to higher SEC were residing. They behave as if they are a real family but in reality, they are marketing people who settled in a town in order to promote different upscale products and services which were provided to them by their company. Each member of the family was a corporate employee, hired on a contract to market high end products to…show more content…
It was again his own decision, Steve did not force him to buy them, if he was not able to afford them so he should not have purchased in the first place. This also does not make this method of promotion unethical because it is the marketers work to creatively promote their offerings and the decision lies in the hands of the consumers. 2. Identify which activities that they did for marketing could have done via interactive/social marketing and achieved better results? The marketing of the products/services in this movie was carried out by showing the consumers it’s actually usage in their daily lives. Few of the activities which they used for some products; if marketed via the interactive/social media would have achieved better results included: • Safari travel agent: They mentioned during a dinner that Safari Tourists plan the vacations very well. For a service like travel agents, consumers require more information before they actually finalize it. This can be done with the help of an interactive website through which they will provide detailed information about their packages, service, contact them, etc. They can also have a fan page on Facebook though which they will be able to create awareness about their service and answer any queries related to them. They can even collaborate with Google Adwords and get their ads
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