Jonestown Massacre : The Mass Suicide

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Jonestown Massacre: The Mass Suicide
On November 18, 1978, is what soon come to be acknowledged as the “Jonestown Massacre” in modern history of the late 1900s. Where a cult leader names Jim Jones brought his followers to Guyana, South America to commit a mass suicide of 900+ people. He accomplished this by having every one drink a laced Kool-Aid. A few other things that will be discussed about with be how the Peoples Temple (the cult name) grew and got this many members. Also on what was in the drink and how they members were treated throughout while being in the organization.
The Peoples Temple
Jim Jones was the one who had founded this so called “Peoples Temple” in the 1950s in Indiana. But then later on he relocated his congregation
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(“Jonestown Massacre”, 2016).
Jim Jones Jim Jones was born in a small town of Crete, Indiana. His father happened to of been injured during World War I so he was unable to work. So Jim’s mother, Jynetta, supported the family. But the neighbors in their town considered the family a little odd because Jim’s playmates remember him holding mock church services at his house. But many happened to be for dead animals. They questioned the ceremonies because Jim kept “finding” all the dead animal carcasses and believed that he killed them himself. (Rosenburg, 2017). But as a teenager he worked in a hospital where he met a lady named Marceline Baldwin. And eventually they were wed in June 1949. They two of the managed to have one child together and adopted several other of various ethnicities. Where they were named Stephen Gandhi Jones, Lew Erie Jones, Timothy Glen Jones, Jim Jon Prokes, Stephanie Jones, Jim W. Jones Jr., Suzzane O. Jones, Agnes Pauline Jones, and John Moss Jones. Jim was proud of his “Rainbow Family” and urged other to adopt their child interracially. But despite her extremely difficult marriage with Jim, Marceline stayed with him till the very end. (Rosenburg, 2017). While in San Francisco, Jones eventually became a very powerful leader. He kept up with the public officials and the media, donated money to numerous
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