Jongin: A Short Story

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Jongin what are you doing here?“ She had just gotten home from the meeting with his pack to find her parents gone, called in for an emergency, and found Jongin laying in my bed in nothing but some tattered jeans. "I’m here to claim you as my mate. I have imprinted on you. You are mine and I will have you.” His eyes narrowed, I could see the beast lurking behind his eyes. “I was just with your pack. I thought you would be there. You said you couldn’t leave me.” Jongin launched himself off the bed inches away from me. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. She couldn’t suppress the quiver that went through her body as her eyes closed and she drank in the heat from his body. He stepped forward closing the distance between them. She forced herself to take a step back when all she really wanted to run her hands over his powerful chest and taste every orifice of his body. “You think I want to stay…show more content…
“Answer me” “Lower” She doubted he heard her hushed plea. Though she, barely uttered the word out before his mouth latched on her nipple. If her breath was hardly labored before it was nothing to now. He ran his flat coarse tongue across her erect nipple making her fingers curl. Jongin responded by capturing her rigid nipple in his teeth and grazing downward. She believed it would hurt, but instead the pain amplified a raging lust. “Oh Jongin, I want you so bad” “You have no idea how hard it is for me not to just take you. I want to give you this. Once we start it has to be like wolves to authenticate our mating.” “Jongin?” Through the haze of his rough hands on her breasts I was worried. “I promise I won’t hurt you. Once I start I won’t be able to stop, my instincts will take over. It will be more rough than I would want your first time to be but I can’t take you any other way tonight. I will have you tonight; my nerves will not let me walk away from
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