Jordan Brofsky Research Paper

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Who is Jordan Brofsky? A quiet but slightly odd individual who has an obsession over music and food. When I think of the three roles that have shaped me to be who I am today I must give credit to the fact that I play the role of a friend, a student, and an archer. Without these three qualities I possess, I would not be who I am today and might not have the relationships I have. Being a friend is a lot tougher than some people would think. You have to find a person you share some common interests with, make sure they don’t think you are weird, and so on so forth. To achieve the title of a “friend” it takes some work. By becoming a close friend to a few individuals, I have gained the knowledge of being caring, understanding, and a bit straightforward at times. In life you have to be caring and understanding. Having these characteristic might benefit you in getting a job, or keeping relationships with people you don’t want to lose. Straightforwardness is definitely necessary in life. If you are having an issue with someone and you want to solve it, sometimes being straightforward is the way to go. Being a friend has affected my life drastically and has had a huge impact on my daily existence. …show more content…

I have gained so much knowledge from the schools I have gone to and would not be as smart as I am today if I did not acquire an education. Being a student has shaped me to be a hardworking individual. It has also pushed me to set goals for myself and have high expectations. Having the trait of being hardworking will get you very far in life. If you are hard working, you are not going to give up and will reach the goals you aim for. Setting goals for yourself is also very important because it gives you an idea of what you want to accomplish in a certain amount of time. Having high expectations will make you push yourself to be the best you, you can

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