Jordan Kuwait Bank: Strategic Analysis and Positioning

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Introduction Over the past few years, the global business operating environment has increasingly become challenging. First it was the global financial crisis followed almost immediately by the Europe crisis-which is currently threatening to become a global economic crisis-that presented these challenges. It was argued that economies, such as Jordan which are relatively smaller players in the Global arena would not suffer the adverse effect of the crisis. In fact Jordan and Lebanon were the main Middle East countries expected not to suffer from the adverse effect of the crisis. On the contrary, they were expected to benefit based on the fact they are consuming economies. Large trade deficit that would enable them enjoy cheaper imports as…show more content…
To facilitate the process of achieving this goal, JKB has strategic partnered in different capacity with various organizations. A good example is the selling of its 4.8 million shares, an approximate 4.8% of its market capitalization, to Odyssey Reinsurance Company, a strategic foreign investor. The investor possesses financial capabilities and competence needed to push the bank forward. Similarly, its partnership with Microsoft Jordan was also another strategic move worth noting. The partnership guarantees the bank continuance support and consultation on key technologies that are effective in supporting the bank’s activities. Adopting, integrating and aligning technology with the business strategy of an organization has been regarded as an essential source of organization’s competitive advantage. The role of technology in IT has particularly been emphasized (JKB 2011; Zawya 2011; Betz 2001). Situational Analysis To establish whether JKB is competitively positioned to tackle the evolving and increasing challenging business environment hence recommend the way forward, a situation analysis must be conducted. This analysis aids in collecting essential information about the organization internal and external factors. Keen interest should be placed on these factors since they have the capability of adversely affecting an organization; they can create or on the other diminish, or altogether destroy the chances of an organization attaining competitive advantage.

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