Jordan Laib Short Biography

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Jordan Steven Laib, 100, died Sunday, October 15th, 2098 at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland following a brief illness related to chronic pulmonary disease.
He leaves his wife of 70 years, Ciara (Lopez) Laib; his son, Andrew Laib; his daughter, Olivia Laib; his two grandchildren; and many close friends. In his years alive, Jordan survived his mother, father, grandparents, and one of his daughters, Janet Laib.
Born October 2nd, 1998, in Ocala, Florida to Nida and Steven Laib, he survived a heart-lung failure after 30 days at Shand’s Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. He attended West Port High School until Spring of 2017 and graduated from the University of Florida in 2019. Jordan served in the Peace Corps for 3 years following
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Jordan was also an expert swimmer: he attended the Olympic trials twice for a chance to join the American Olympic team and narrowly missed qualifying.
It seemed as though a large smile was plastered on Jordan’s face through thick and thin. His favorite sports team was the Green Bay Packers and he frequented the declaration “GO PACK! GO!” His co-workers stated: “Jordan was the man of many talents. There was never a day when he did less than his best on and off of the medical floor. Never turning a patient away, you could see the life light up in his eyes when given the opportunity to help others. We will miss him tremendously.”
Jordan was a dedicated theatre lover and patron of the arts – receiving numerous awards for his onstage and backstage work with the semi-professional Red Branch Theatre Company. Jordan selflessly gave to various young theatres in his life with a firm belief that theatre education is fundamental to developing bright and fearless individuals. His lifetime dedication to the theatre arts was commemorated by the International Thespian Society on October 25, 2028 at the Baltimore
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