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Jordan’s Furniture started as a small furniture business in 1928 in Waltham, MA. Two grandsons of the original owner, Samuel Tatelman, took over the business in the 1970s. They have expanded the business to four mega stores and from 8 employees to 1,200 employees as of 2011. In 1999, the company was sold to a subsidiary company of Warren Buffet. So how does a furniture store go from selling furniture out of the back of a truck in 1928 to being owned by Warren Buffet? Very creative marketing on behalf of the Barry and Eliot Tatelman. Their grandfather, Samuel, started Jordan’s Furniture in 1918 out of the back of a truck. In 1928, he opened the first storefront. Samuel’s son Edward joined the business in the late 1930s. Then in…show more content…
As a reward for the loyalty and success of all the employees, after the sale, the Tatelman took every employee to Bermuda for a day. Also, they gave each employee $.50 for every hour they have worked while at Jordan’s Furniture, which for some, was about $20,000 (Miller, 1999). When the Tatelman brothers took over the business, they changed their mode of advertising. They realized that by limiting their advertising to newspapers, they were potentially missing out on a whole demographic of people that needed furniture, which would be 18-34 year olds. This demographic was starting to move out on their own, starting families, and needed furniture. By moving from newspapers to funny radio ads and later funny TV ads, Barry and Eliot were able to draw in more customers, especially the demographic they were targeting (Iacobucci, 2013). Before they started to add in the extra shopping experiences, they had customers waiting to get into their third store. Once they added the entertainment portions of the store, they were able to draw in more customers. Even if the customer is only there to take part in the entertainment aspect of the store, which is in the back of every store, they do have to walk through the showroom first. By walking through the showroom a first time customer could see a room design or one piece of furniture that catches their eye. Each customer has a different shopping experience, whether it be at one store or multiple Jordan’s Furniture

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