Jorge Ramos Case Study

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I unfortunately saw this message when I arrived at campus. I then had to be at my job at 2pm so I have been unable to virtually participate until now. To start off with, any Hispanic journalist that had to participate in this election deserves much respect. From this election arose a new breed of racism and hatred towards miniority groups, especially to the Latino community. This instilled fear unto many, but Hispanic journalist still went to these events in hopes obtaining their stories to provide the public with the real facts, even if the truth might be a bit frightnening. I have personally always had a deep sense of respect for Jorge Ramos, his strong work ethics are unquestionable, even if he does get more passionate than reporters are expected to. However, he is notourous for defending the people of his ethnic group and will risk his career over asking the hard questions that people are afraid to ask. During a confrence with Donald Trump, Jorge Ramos was escorted out because he wanted to ask questions on immigration policies and felt that Trump was avioding him, which is why he Ramos was persitently asking his questions. In a later interview, covers that Ramos' justifies his behavior becuase, "If you don't challenge authority, if…show more content…
These are big issues and the Hispanic community needs these 'loud' voices through journalist to make sure that they are heard. While many people in the Hispanic community feel that the election's results will have a negative impact on the Hispanics in Media, I consider this the perfect moment for the community to come together as one as support Latino's in the field. Hispanics want to see and hear Hispanics, this is a given, so as long as their is a Hispanic audience, there will always be a demand of a Hispanic face in
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