Jorge Zavala As A Role Model

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Jorge Zavala is unlike any other friend he will take time out of his day to help out and also anything he puts him mind to he will do. He is a very easy person to make friends and also he dose his best in school and with his family at home. He has 2 sisters and 2 brothers not including him he only has his mom no dad and growing up without a dad is why I look up to Jorge. Because everyone needs someone to look up to, a role model a father to be there to help him but his dad was not the best dad while Jorge was a kid. His Dad would hurt him and his family so back when he was young his dad left and not talked with them since but his family is staying strong both Jorge and his brother Jason both work and help out their mom. His sisters will sometimes go to work with their mom and help her around the house cleaning. Jorge is a great athlete he loves to play soccer and will be willing to try any other sport wont matter if he is bad at it or really good he will try it and make the best out of the sport. He will try hard in any sport and…show more content…
I had asked Jorge what was the best decision he ever made in high school? Jorge answered" Being friends with Miguel Luna." He is really a great friend and I can get along with his family and they are really welcoming.When I first went to his house it was to watch a Mayweather fight. That is when me and his sisters, brother, and mother met and we had a great night. Mayweather won by points, but it was that night that started our friendship and ever since that night we have gotten closer and closer he is my best guy friend he is dependable and is really out going and also trustworthy those are the biggest things I look for in a true friend. Jorge zavala is unlike any one you can go out in the world there will only be one friend like him, he can never be replaced and I wouldn’t want to be friends with anyone who does not like
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